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Meet our impeccable and highly experienced industrial burners technical service

At Flamtec, we take care to offer an excellent technical service of industrial burners to our customers. That is why we have created a special FlamtecAudit, system, which facilitates post-installation communication with studies and analysis of energy efficiency, for greater savings and optimization of energy.

We offer our customers efficiency and reliability in combustion systems. These systems, whether heating or industrial, require the assistance of a technical service to evaluate and maintain the electronic technological systems so complex that they incorporate. We have a technical service organization that covers the entire national territory and many more engineers around the world.

With our technical service we minimize the probability of breakdowns and costly production interruptions and identify possible flaws in the burner components. This allows us to guarantee a profitable and reliable industrial burner service.

We provide all the technical information you need at any time

Upon completion of a visit from our technical service of industrial burners, our engineers provide a detailed report that includes:
- A dynamic risk assessment
- The summary of the work carried out in their facilities
- The existence of faults, leaks or damages
- The configuration of security interlocks and control equipment
- The combustion data
- The data of emissions of fluegas

Operating and maintaining the heating equipment of the process is a serious and complex task.

Safety, reliability, periodic maintenance and the codes, standards and needs of changing processes challenge even the most experienced facility managers.

The good news is that at Flamtec we offer full support for all your operations and maintenance. Whether service, technical support, training, spare parts and updates, you can rest easy knowing that you have the support of the best technical assistance in the market.

We guarantee the least downtime and avoid losses due to production stops in industrial plants

Flamtec regularly assists customers with industrial boiler systems in the assessment of adaptation needs, the recommendation of solutions and the implementation of updates.

We have the experience and resources to help face the challenge of adapting the equipment in case a damaged system needs repair, knowing if the equipment is ready for an upgrade or if an existing heating system needs capacity modifications.

Common industrial burner remodeling projects consist of automation upgrades and improvements, such as:

- Modifications of the heater in case of needing alternative fuels
- Increases and reductions in the capacity of the industrial burner
- The solutions of customized thermal systems
- The update of burners with digital regulation systems
- Updates to low emission industrial burners
- Economizers and combustion air pre-heaters
- Temperature control loops for thermal fluid heating systems

Spare parts for all existing combustion systems in the market

The proper maintenance of the machinery is important for the longevity or useful life of its application.

We supply spare parts and components for combustion system of new and existing processes, including those built by other manufacturers, even for those industrial burners that are no longer in operation.

The most important thing is that at Flamtec we have the technical experience to make sure we have the correct parts.

There is a wide variety of parts from various manufacturers in any combustion system, and we simplify the process by providing a single distribution point for all the parts or parts you may need.

We have long-lasting relationships with hundreds of component manufacturers to ensure you get the most competitive prices and the most agile delivery times.

What do we provide to our customers in the technical service of industrial burners?

- Technical support and engineering in the combustion system
- The most up-to-date components of the industrial burner industry
- The tracking list (discontinued, modified or crossed elements)
- The reference drawing / the process diagram
- The list of parts of the combustion equipment or industrial burner
- The combustion equipment manual
- The availability of national and international shipping

In Flamtec we are specialized in the service and optimization of industrial combustion systems

Our services help ensure that your plant operates at peak performance by reducing downtime, improving efficiency and proactively identifying incidents.

Not only are our industrial burners service technicians trained for technical assistance in all models of industrial boiler systems. We also have ready and accessible engineering support personnel to ensure that you receive the best service and analysis possible.

The technical service we offer includes planned annual maintenance, emergency service, system analysis, on-site inspections, equipment recommendations and complete customer support plans.

We supply maintenance data in service inspections of industrial burners

Our technical service department can help you keep your equipment running optimally with maintenance and technical service in regular combustion thanks to the following actions we carry out:

- The integral inspection of the system to identify areas of concern.
- The verification of safety devices and the limit for proper operation.
- The adjustment of the industrial burner to achieve optimum efficiency and the best potential emissions.
- Optimization of the control circuit for a better management of the process temperature
- On-site training for operators and maintenance personnel on burner and boiler operations.

Combustion equipment audits

We provide the necessary equipment, parts or modifications when the audit results in the incorporation of heat recovery equipment, spare parts or other updates.

At Flamtec we also take care of:

- Spare parts / reliability assurance components
- The combustion air preheater or other uneven heat recovery system
- Automation updates and controls
- And the expansion planning support of the combustion system

Contact our experts in combustion to know more about our technical service of industrial burners or to solve any doubt about its operation.

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