SC 8.3 HM Monobloc burner Heavy oil modulation
Technical information

SC. 8.3 HM



Power Supply3N-50 Hz  380V
Motor kW
Pump Motor kW
Gas Input Pressure21-300
More information 1.The following fuels can be used:
Heavy fuel, viscosity 50°E at 50 ° C, PCI 10,97 kWh / kg
2. It is suitable for steam, hot water boiler, ovens, driers, heat oil generators, etc.
3. The flame can be adjusted according to the combustion chamber.
4. Burning hood, ventilation system, control panel, gas pipe could be selected according to special conditions of each installation.
5. The 1/ 4 regulation of the electronic modulation power, is really advantageous compared to our rivals.
6. Flame monitoring is easy and reliable thanks to the UV sensor.
7. A customized type of sensor is used for sequentially installment of several generators.
8. The facility of heating and the use of preheated combustion air while enabling energy saving in increasing the efficiency of the burning through economiser used by the system.
9. It enables flame control at each point between minimum and maximum power. It enables flame control at each point between minimum and maximum power.
10. It has the characteristics of proper functioning in different combustion chambers.
11. Reduces the specific emission amount of nitric oxide (NOx) gas to a minimum by obtaining an optimum mixture of combustible air thanks to the customized design of its combustion hood.
12. It provides easy installation and operating conditions in confined spaces thanks to its compact dimensions.
13. It enables operation in high backpressure combustion chambers by placing a high-pressure ventilation system.
14. Ease of installation of the gas train to the burner.
15. The possıbılıty of selectıng the premix hood as Low Nox.
16. Standard protection of IP 54 mechanical parts.
17. IP 65 protection on demand.
18. Internal or external optional circulation of combustion gases in order to reduce NOx emissions.
19. It includes all the cables and power supply of the burner management system.
20. Includes impermeability control.
21. Compliance with the following directives:
EN 676
22. Sound insulated ventilation system

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